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EUCAM®-Wood is a natural insulation-layer-forming water-based fire-protection coating for solid wood, chipboard, and construction veneer plywood for dry interior use according to DIN 4102-B1.

EUCAM®-Wood is particularly environmentally friendly (odorless and free of halogens, heavy metals, and solvents), easy to process (by brushing, rolling, and spraying), and completely transparent.

EUCAM®-Wood contains a natural corn- or potato-starch-based carbohydrate as its main ingredient. During a fire, the coating develops noncombustible gases (without significant smoke formation) and radiant heat and protects the wood from the effects of fire by forming a heat-insulating carbon-based foam layer.

EUCAM® in comparison

Coating comparison

To verify the fire behavior according to DIN 4102, surfaces are flamed for 10 min. During this time, the smoke gas temperature and density and other variables are measured.

Flue gas temperature in °C

Light attenuation in %

This is how it works

EUCAM®-Wood in the endurance test


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  • EUCAM®-Finishing varnish matt 5001 (IVP449) 5l can (Complementary to EUCAM® wood)


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