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Fire protection is as simple as that.
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Demonstration of Eucam® products in the decoration workshops of the Saarland State Theater in Saarbruecken

Welcome to the simple world of fire protection

Why think about fires when you can prevent them?

Can flammable materials be easily made flame retardant to comply with DIN 4102-B1, minimize smoke emission, and be environmentally harmless? EUCAM® coatings and impregnations make it possible. Only a few simple steps are required: read the data sheet, apply the coating to the surface, let it dry, and sit back and relax.

Brandschutz Mittel Holz


Perfect for interior fire protection. The cornstarch-based ecologically safe coating protects wood and wood-based materials. More info

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EUCAM®-Finishing varnish

The complement of EUCAM®-Wood: EUCAM®– Finishing varnish protects surfaces from abrasion and the effects of moisture while enhancing the surface appearance. More info

Brandschutz Mittel Pappe Papier


Papers treated with EUCAM®-Paper/Cardboard are guaranteed not to catch fire. More Info


When cotton-based curtains, props, walls, and ceiling coverings are finished with EUCAM®-Textile, you will not experience any nasty surprises. More Info

Brandschutz Mittel Synthetik


Synthetic fibers and fire are a dangerous mix that could result in burning drops, extreme and hazardous smoke, etc. With EUCAM®-Syntex, hazards are passé. More info

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What can I use EUCAM® products for?

Can I also coat other materials? What is meant by “synthetic fiber”? What should be considered with other materials? More info

EUCAM®-Paper/Cardboard and EUCAM®-Syntex in the endurance test


Fire and flame protection with EUCAM®

Vorpommern Theater


In our store you can easily order EUCAM® fire-protection products.

Read data sheet

Read once and you are authorized to apply EUCAM® and issue B1 certification.


Whether brushing, rolling, spraying, or dipping,the application of EUCAM® is simple.


After 24 hours, EUCAM® is dry and the surface is protected from the effects of fire.

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